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Michael Jackson and the unrelated little boy sleepovers... do they make sense?

There seems to be an infinite of reasons as to why the former King of Pop, Michael Jackson kept taking unrelated young boys into his bedroom and then into his bed. One reason that comes back time and time again is that Michael Jackson has such a rotten childhood, where he had to perform with his older brothers, instead of being able to play ball games, with his younger friends that lived in his community (as he claimed on the fantastic Martin Bashir documentary).

But was that a good reason for Michael Jackson to keep on taking young boys into his bedroom and into his bed for a large portion of his adult life? Was MJ, the only boy in history, who had a bad or indifferent childhood? No, of course not.

Every single day I see television commercials showing all kinds of poor children living in 3rd world countries who have an appalling quality of life. These commercials show children who are sometimes as young as 5 years old, who have to walk miles every single day to collect a bucket of filthy dirty water that will probably give the entire family, diarrhea for the rest of the week.

But I never hear of these children going on to become obsessed and sleeping with children when they become adults, just because they didn't have a perfect childhood. They just get on with their adult lives and enjoy it the best they can.

Was Jordan Chandler's description of blemishes on Michael Jackson's penis correct?

Well, let's take a look at the real facts before I tell you a definite yes or a definite no.

So let's start right at the beginning. I'm sure most of you know how Jordan and Michael Jackson met but for those who don't here's the story.

Michael Jackson was out driving his automobile when it suddenly broke down. It broke down, just across the road from Jordan's stepdad's car-rental business. Michael went over to ask for help and assistance and Jordan's stepfather happily complied. Jordan had previously met Michael Jackson, many years back in a restaurant. Jordan's stepdad told Michael about this and told him how Jordan had became a massive fan of him and his music since then. So JC's stepdad phoned Jordan's mother and told her to bring Jordan down to his car rental business quickly to meet Michael, once again.

After a brief meeting at the car-rental business Michael and Jordan exchanged telephone numbers and kept in contact with each other. Eventually Michael invited Jordan over to his Neverland ranch where in time MJ started spending lots of unsupervised time alone with Jordan.

Jordan had come from a broken home with his parents separated. Jordan had a sister and stepbrothers but was a bit of a nobody within the Chandler family. MJ put a lot of attention into Jordan, even canceling concerts and important meetings to spend time with him. Some say Jordan fell in love with all the attention MJ was giving him.

Who's the King of YouTube? Michael Jackson versus Justin Bieber

I thought it would be interesting to compare two of the biggest selling male artists of all time. Yes, of course I'm talking about Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. But who is the current King Of Pop of YouTube?

We all know Justin Bieber already has one victory over Michael Jackson in the box office. His movie titled "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" went on to beat Michael Jackson's very own "This is it" documentary film.

Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" documentary film shows the life of the Canadian youngster from an early age. Justin was banging drums, strumming guitars and playing keyboards, right from an early age. Simply watching the documentary shows you how talented Justin truly is and how valued, he is in today's music industry.

One thing that eluded Michael Jackson's entire musical career was his inability to play any instrument on stage. Not once, in his 40 years of the music industry was MJ ever seen playing an musical instrument. Unlike Justin Bieber, who plays multiple instruments during his live concerts, which sends his adoring into a frenzy.

So can Michael Jackson get one over Justin Bieber? Let's take a look at the current YouTube offerings and count how many hits both artists have received from their most popular hit songs.

Michael Jackson - Thriller 127,097,809 views

Michael Jackson - Beat It 49,253,576 views

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us 80,898,238 views

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 78,012,525 views

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time 41,007,555 views

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror 17,161,648 views

Michael Jackson - Bad 56,286,867 views

Michael Jackson - Black Or White 49,857,620 views

And on to Justin's videos.

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris 816,688,758 views

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj 125,747,531 views

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe 140,493,610 views

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean 98,170,863 views

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend 195,791,550 views

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith 352,585,243 views

Justin Bieber - One Time 309,890,767 views

Strange noises and behaviour with Michael Jackson and a little boy on a train

Do the FBI files vindicate or cast more doubt over MJ's behaviour with little boys?

I'm referring to the FBI files where two Canadian social workers (a married couple), travelling on the same train with Michael Jackson, who were very concerned with his possessive behaviour with a totally unrelated little boy he was travelling with, and the strange noises that were coming from his cabin when he was alone with this young boy.

The train trip in question happened around March 7, 1992, when the couple were making a visit to California. The Toronto woman, who told police investigators who were probing allegations that Michael Jackson molested a 13-year-old Jordan Chandler, one year later, that a young boy, believed to be in the age range of 12 to 13 years old, was travelling with Michael Jackson. Jackson referred to his special little friend as his "cousin" to anybody who asked. Jackson was unbelievably possessive of the boy at night and the Canadian couple became ever more suspicious of MJ's behaviour when they heard very strange and very questionable noises through the walls of his cabin, which they were staying right next to.

The woman social worker was so concerned of MJ's possessive behaviour, and especially of the questionable noises that were heard through the walls of MJ's train cabin, that she notified the conductor of the train they were travelling on.

Now, we all know how obsessed MJ was with young unrelated little boys. But why did he feel the need to start taking these young boys on train trips with him? And who was this boy? I'm sure we can throw a few names into the hat, but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that MJ was yet again spending vast amounts of unsupervised time alone with a boy who was no relation to him, despite the bizarre "cousin" claim to anybody who asked.

Declaration of Jordan Chandler

Today I bring you the declaration of a then 13 year old Jordan Chandler. Jordan is the boy who accused Michael Jackson of sexually molesting him back in 1993. The case was later settled after Jordan described a tell-tale marking on Michael Jackson's penis. Michael Jackson paid a sum believed to be in the region of $22 million though it could have been several million more. Before you read the declaration I just want to bring to your attention that it is unbelievably rare for children to make up false lies of sexual abuse. Wikipedia reports that false child molestation claims are less than 10%, so you could say there's a 90+ percent chance that this declaration is true. I must also warn you this isn't particularly nice to read, and if you are easily offended you may want to leave right now.

I, J. Chandler, declare:

1. I am the plaintiff in this lawsuit against Michael Jackson. I was born on
January 11, 1980 and am 13 years old. I am currently in the eighth grade. I
first met Michael Jackson when I was five years old at a restaurant that my
mother, stepfather and I often went to.

2. In about May of 1992 I met Michael Jackson again at my stepfather's car
rental business, Rent-a-Wreck. My stepfather called me and told me that
Michael Jackson was at Rent-a-Wreck and that I should come down and see him.
Later I learned from my stepfather that Michael Jackson's car had broken
down and that he was at Rent-a-Wreck to get another car while his was being

3. After I met Michael Jackson at Rent-a-Wreck he began calling me on the
telephone. From about May of 1992 until about February 1993 (when I first
spent the weekend with Michael Jackson at Neverland), I received many
telephone calls from Michael Jackson. For at least part of this time Michael
Jackson was on tour and he would be calling me from various places
throughout the world. On occasion these telephone conversations lasted as
long as three hours. Michael Jackson and I talked about video games, the
Neverland Ranch, water fights, and famous people that he knew.

4. In about February 1993, my mother, Lily (my half sister), and I went to
Neverland at the invitation of Michael Jackson. The three of us stayed
together in the guest area. I did not spend the nights with Michael Jackson.
This was a weekend trip.

5. I spent the entire weekend with Michael Jackson. We went on jet skis in a
small lake he had, saw the animals that he kept at Neverland, played video
games and went on golf cart rides. One evening he took Lily and me to Toys
'R Us and we were allowed to get anything we wanted. Although the store was
closed, it was opened just for our visit.

Michael Jackson's late-night little boy delivery

Firstly I must apologise to all my readers for the lack of new information on this blog. I have been unbelievably busy lately, and just haven't had time to make new entries on my vindication blog. You won't believe how time consuming, it is to make new entries. I can honestly say people who do it on a weekly basis must have absolutely no lives....LOL.

I must also congratulate myself on receiving nearly 70,000 unique visitors. Who would have thought a blog with such a small number of entries would have such a high count rate. I must also thank those 70,000 people who have visited my blog. I think it just goes to show how interested people are in Michael Jackson and his obsession with unrelated young boys.

Anyway, I have some free time coming up soon, so stay tuned as I will be able to add more new entries to my super popular blog.

As I do not have a huge amount of time on my hands at the present moment this is a relatively short and quick post.

So onto the subject in question.

I want to bring people's attention to questionable parenting skills and Michael Jackson's clear obsession with boys of a certain age. The subject in question is, a woman called Joy Robson and her son Wade Robson both from Australia in the continent of Oceania.

I just want to make it clear that neither Wade or Joy Robson accused Michael Jackson of any wrongdoing.