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Who's the King of YouTube? Michael Jackson versus Justin Bieber

I thought it would be interesting to compare two of the biggest selling male artists of all time. Yes, of course I'm talking about Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. But who is the current King Of Pop of YouTube?

We all know Justin Bieber already has one victory over Michael Jackson in the box office. His movie titled "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" went on to beat Michael Jackson's very own "This is it" documentary film.

Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" documentary film shows the life of the Canadian youngster from an early age. Justin was banging drums, strumming guitars and playing keyboards, right from an early age. Simply watching the documentary shows you how talented Justin truly is and how valued, he is in today's music industry.

One thing that eluded Michael Jackson's entire musical career was his inability to play any instrument on stage. Not once, in his 40 years of the music industry was MJ ever seen playing an musical instrument. Unlike Justin Bieber, who plays multiple instruments during his live concerts, which sends his adoring into a frenzy.

So can Michael Jackson get one over Justin Bieber? Let's take a look at the current YouTube offerings and count how many hits both artists have received from their most popular hit songs.

Michael Jackson - Thriller 127,097,809 views

Michael Jackson - Beat It 49,253,576 views

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us 80,898,238 views

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 78,012,525 views

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time 41,007,555 views

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror 17,161,648 views

Michael Jackson - Bad 56,286,867 views

Michael Jackson - Black Or White 49,857,620 views

And on to Justin's videos.

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris 816,688,758 views

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj 125,747,531 views

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe 140,493,610 views

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean 98,170,863 views

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend 195,791,550 views

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith 352,585,243 views

Justin Bieber - One Time 309,890,767 views

As you can see, I've actually picked 8 of Michael Jackson's biggest selling hits and only 7 of Justin Bieber biggest selling hits. Unfortunately because of Justin's young age, he doesn't have the same number of musical releases as MJ has. But even that can't stop Justin Bieber from absolutely smashing MJ in the YouTube ratings.

Justin's biggest video "Baby ft. Ludacris" has over 800 million hits compared to Michael Jackson's biggest video "thriller", which only has 127 million hits. In fact, nearly every single one of Justin's hit videos has over 100 million views with only 1 that comes below it with 98 million views. While most of Michael Jackson's videos are struggling to get past the 100 million mark with the second highest viewed video "They Don't Care About Us" at 80,898,238 views.

In fact, Justin Bieber's "Baby ft. Ludacris" with its massive 800+ million views has more has more views than all of Michael Jackson's YouTube videos put together.

So, to the question, who is the undisputed king of YouTube Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber? (Drum roll!). Of course, it's the one and only Justin Bieber. I'm sure if Elizabeth Taylor was alive today she would take back the claim that Michael Jackson was the King Of Pop and hand it over to the one and only Justin Bieber.

Anyway, I hope all my readers had a wonderful 2012 and a wonderful Christmas. I'm wishing you all the best for an even better 2013.

You can be sure that me (vindicatemj), will be bringing you new and exciting posts in the new year.


Anonymous said...

You know what...Michael was criticized enough and the one thing Michael never did was slam other artists, especially in his music. He never bad-mouthed other artists and always had the best respect for all music artists of any age from every era. He even complemented Eminem and his music. He was a humble, kind man and he was hurting and sick of being mocked by everybody around him when he never said a damn dirty word about anybody.
Michael was a sensitive individual and he was going through a hard time. He didn't need Eminem's sh!t. His music is some of the most tasteless garbage I've ever heard. He's not as great as he seems to think he is so he needs to shut his mouth about a man who has more talent in his pinky toe nail than Eminem will ever have in his entire body.

That's not true, he called Tommy Motella a very very devilish racist despite evidence to the contrary. So what if he never bad-mouthed other artists. That just shows his narcissism because he was an artist and thus felt artists are above criticism, but he had no problem trashing anyone else.

Actually eminem is pretty darn talented. Obviously he can't hold a candle to MJ when it comes to dancing, but Eminem has spectacular rhythm for a white boy, and is a better lyricist than MJ.

I do like some of Eminem's music, but c'mon. Even someone as cynical as you has to admit that mocking someone's potentially fatal accident is a low blow, and can't be relegated to "oh I was just kidding." Mocking the Pepsi accident was the part of it that Michael was particularly offended by, and who could blame him? Exactly in what way did he ASK for that, pray tell? I'm sure if you were the victim of such a horrific accident, you wouldn't exactly appreciate someone making a joke out of it. To say someone was crying for an apology and calling that babyish behavior-just for standing up for their basic human rights-is immature and juvenile behavior on YOUR part. It is condoning bullying. Then again, I never got the humor of people cracking jokes about Christopher Reeve's accident, or Farrah Fawcett's cancer, either. I just don't think mocking other peoples' misfortunes should be the source of humor OR satire. Ever.

And just for the record, here is something worth considering. For someone who was as often mocked, ridiculed, parodied, satired, and made the butt of jokes as often as Michael was, he had a surprisingly good sense of himor and good sport attitude about most of it. For him to speak out re the Eminem video speaks volumes as to just how offensive that was to him.

Until you have walked a mile in those shoes, experiencing what it was like to have third degree burns to your scalp, enduring hours of painful surgeries and years recovering from the scarring aftereffects, you are in no position to judge how he chose to react to that video.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think MJ did deserve it. Even if you feel MJ was innocent of some or even all of the sexual molestation accusations made againt him, MJ had a responsibly to even avoid the APPEARANCE of impropriety and instead he continued to flout authorities and concerned citizens by repeatedly flaunting his relationships with boys in everyone's face, holding hands on TV, defiantly refusing to stop sleeping with boys and calling anyone who objected ignorant on international TV. So yes he deserved it.

I don't recall him still "sleeping with boys" after the 1993 allegations. I think you mean continuing to allow children to sleep in his bedroom, which in my opinion was very poor judgement. And no, he didn't call people who objected to this ignorant. He called people who thought he had sex with children ignorant.

Bashir: he talks about the fact that he shares your bedroom

MJ: yes

Bashir: Can you understand why people would worry about that?

MJ: Because they're ignorant..who's the criminal? who's jack the ripper in the room?

In other words, he's saying I'm not a criminal so what's there to worry about?!

Vindicate Michael Jackson said...