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Michael Jackson and the unrelated little boy sleepovers... do they make sense?

There seems to be an infinite of reasons as to why the former King of Pop, Michael Jackson kept taking unrelated young boys into his bedroom and then into his bed. One reason that comes back time and time again is that Michael Jackson has such a rotten childhood, where he had to perform with his older brothers, instead of being able to play ball games, with his younger friends that lived in his community (as he claimed on the fantastic Martin Bashir documentary).

But was that a good reason for Michael Jackson to keep on taking young boys into his bedroom and into his bed for a large portion of his adult life? Was MJ, the only boy in history, who had a bad or indifferent childhood? No, of course not.

Every single day I see television commercials showing all kinds of poor children living in 3rd world countries who have an appalling quality of life. These commercials show children who are sometimes as young as 5 years old, who have to walk miles every single day to collect a bucket of filthy dirty water that will probably give the entire family, diarrhea for the rest of the week.

But I never hear of these children going on to become obsessed and sleeping with children when they become adults, just because they didn't have a perfect childhood. They just get on with their adult lives and enjoy it the best they can.

I'm sure a lot of you remember a man called Josef Fritzl from Austria. He imprisoned members of his family that included his wife and children in the basement of his Austrian home for 24 years. Fritzl was an unbelievably evil man who did appalling things to his wife and children that included physical and sexual assaults. It was only because one  of his daughter became ill and he (Josef Fritzl) agreed to medical treatment that the authorities found out what was going on. Now I'm not 100% sure what these poor individuals, are doing right now. But I'm sure they are getting on with their life's the best they can.

Now, if we are meant to believe that all of Michael Jackson's bizarre behavior (and I really do mean all of it) was down to him not having that perfect childhood. Not being able to do normal things with other kids of his own age. Then this is where things don't add up in my personal opinion. If MJ was fully aware of the dangers of taking young children, (boys or girls) away from their natural environment and away from other children on her own age, then why did he do it?

Now I know the first thing these haters are going to say is that many children, who went to Neverland say they had an absolutely wonderful experience. And I'm sure children who went to Neverland for the day and played on all the available fairground rides and other amusements did have a wonderful recreational experience. But I'm not talking about these children. I'm talking about the boys that spent vast amounts of time around Michael Jackson and vast amount of unsupervised time in his bedroom and in his bed.

When Jordan Chandler's mother spoke at MJ's 2005 child molestation trial, she said her son was a sweet and loving boy before he met MJ, but he became a different and distant boy as he spent more and more time alone with the former pop star.

I think it was Corey Feldman, who once said he felt rejected by Jackson and how MJ got bored and dumped boys after they got to a certain age.

I'm sure anybody who does care for children will agree that they shouldn't be hanging around and going to bed with unrelated grown adults, even if that adult has a theme park and zoo in their backyard. Children should be doing normal activities with other children of their own age. MJ from his own experiences, should have known this. He should have never even risked taking young boys away from their natural environment, even if he could offer them the best possible recreational experience ever.

I know a lot of haters think that Michael Jackson's little boy sleepovers were no big deal. And they seem to think he only did it because he was so used to sharing his bedroom and bed with his brothers when he was a young boy. But the truth is, there are millions of brothers and sisters who are doing the same thing right now. But I'm sure 99.9% of them will not be trying to sleep with unrelated children when they become adults.

One thing that the 2005 trial revealed about Michael Jackson and his sleepovers, was that they were mainly one-on-one with young unrelated boys. So it wasn't like he was inviting several boys around and re-creating the same environment that he had with his brothers when he was a child. So the haters are definitely wrong about that.

Another thing that is very odd about Michael Jackson is the fact, he had nieces and nephews who all lived nearby all at least in the same country. But he didn't seem to want to spend much time with them but wanted unrelated young boys for his one-on-one sleepovers. MJ in some cases went to the extraordinary lengths of flying in 2 boys (Brett and Wade) all the way from Australia for this.

By his late 30s, MJ had children of his own, but instead of devoting all his time to them he was still inviting and sleeping with unrelated young boys, as the world saw on the Martin Bashir documentary.

It's so easy to shrug your shoulders and pretend nothing inappropriate was ever going on behind closed doors with Michael Jackson and his boys. But anybody who did follow his child molestation trial very carefully knows there is a hell of a lot of evidence, that was presented by the prosecution that definitely makes you think twice about Michael Jackson strange and clear obsession with young boys.

Even if you are confident that Michael Jackson was 100% innocent, you still have to ask yourself why did he do it? Why did he want to spend so much of his adult life having one-on-one sleepovers with unrelated young boys, when he was supposedly so damaged from not having a normal childhood and not being able to do normal things with children of his own age, when he was a boy?


Anonymous said...

What people don't know, is that the chandlers never wanted to put MJ in jail, they wanted money.

They filed a civil case for damages.
Sneddon contacted THEM to have them testify against MJ in his CRIMINAL trial.

MJ paid off the family to settle the civil case, and with that, the Chandlers weren't returning Sneddons calls. They then said "my boy isn't cooperating and we refuse to assist."

Sneddon, unable to get other boys to say they were molested, had no choice but to close the case.

So why didn't Chandlers say "now we got money, we'll put you in jail."

I think it has to do with the payment plan. It wasn't 23 million up front, it was 23 million over a very long period of time (10 years or so.)

I think that had they put MJ in jail, their checks might stop arriving. Its not like they could say "You've stopped paying, we'll testify against you" as they would have lost that card to play.

So logically, their silence was bought with the civil case being settled. They knew that if they cooperated with Sneddon, the money wouldn't come.

I don't believe you. If you had a kid who was molested, and your family was offered $25 million to settle you would take it. $25 million in 1993 is like $40 million today. If you say you would turn down that kind of money just to defend a moral ideal, you're a liar. No one turns down that kind of easy money especially since there's no guarantee a jury would find MJ guilty given the high burden of proof in criminal cases.

It's easy to say you would turn it down, but if actually offered, you would take it. You would never have to work again and you could spend the rest of your life on luxurious vacations.

To be perfectly honest most people would settle for $1 million. Look at all the mothers who look the other way when their husband's molest their kid just because the husband has a semi-descent job, and you're gona tell me you have such high ethics you would turn down $40 million.

You're either Mother Teresa or a liar. I vote for the latter

Anonymous said...

Michael gave, some say, nearly a billion to charity. Notable about this, it was during the 80s/early 90s, and by the end of the 90s, from what I've heard, he'd stopped.

Yes, he had financial problems, but that didn't stop him spending money with no end on antiques, flights, full levels at hotels.
I think the allegations and what this world put him through said "to hell with it, they can look after themselves."

He built neverland to help kids, and the police come and wreck that.

His spending was out of control. Read the book Untouchable, and you'll think "wow, this guy had no breaks whatsoever, totally out of control."

He was on a collision course, not caring about his finances, and when he'd be reminded that he was about to go bankrupt, he'd blame sony, or the jews for it.

I think spending became an addiction to him, and one he couldn't wean himself from.

It wouldn't have mattered how much This Is It brought in, he'd blow it almost immediately.

This is why Michael's life is so tragic.

In the 80s he was one of the smartest people you'd ever meet. He had full control of his finances, he even signed every check and would dispute bills and have them negotiated down.

But the 1993 case made him say "to hell with caring, I'm done caring."

The 2005 case sealed the deal.

I think if you were to show MJ of 1989 his future self, he'd say "I don't know that person, that isn't me."

I think people who do self-destructive behavior either don't care, or are wishing to punish themselves, perhaps at a subconscious level.

If they feel worthless, they become their own worst enemy. It's like the gambler who feels terrible about blowing $10,000, so to punish themselves, they go and blow $10,000 before going home.

MJ needed to go to some sort of rehab, get clean, break down to ground zero, and build himself back up.

I don't know who could have been able to get through to him, but I wish he had found that person.

He never gave anywhere near a billion dollars to charity. The NY Times reported that he "only" earned about $700 million in his life (including from the Sony/ATV catalog).

Anonymous said...

Even MJ's publicity machine only claimed he gave $300 million, and you know they're going to exaggerate and use creative accounting. Bob Jones claimed that MJ would always tell him to add a zero to any figure he told the media, so if MJ's publicists claimed he gave $300 million to charity, the truth might be closer to $30 million.. Keep in mind even $30 million was HUGE MONEY in the 1980s and early 1990s.

I know he supposedly gave all the money from his Dangerous tour to charity, but how much money did that tour even make once you detuct the enormous expenses, all the people he had to pay, adverising costs, construction costs, travel costs, security costs, taxes etc.

I know his charity work was honored by the Guiness Book of World Records, but they only said he supported 39 charities (more than any other pop star). They never said how much he gave to each one, or whether he personally gave money, or just gave his TIME like most celebrities do.

MJ's speeches that he gave both in and out of the public arena towards the very end of his life suggests otherwise. Also his latter day songs and videos do not agree with your suggestion that he gave up on caring about the world. You can only give away so much money when you start to feel taken advantage of and the people probably didn't appreciate it.

It's his money and MJ worked hard from childhood onwards to earn it and he should've been able to do whatever he wanted to do with it. Again the people probably didn't appreciate it anyway and wanted more.

One does not have to give away significant amounts or all of their money away to charities and others to prove that they are interested in saving the world. If anything, I think that it is a foolish thing to do. MJ wasn't broke and had a net worth of approximately $600 million when he passed.

Also MJ's life is no more tragic than any other celebrity in America. No need to look any farther than the current crop of celebrities. Also you can find it in celebrities who have been around for a long time and also in those who have passed on. The only thing is that some of their lives haven't played out yet. And the press doesn't play up the tragedies in their lives. The press likes to take of advantage of and play up the tragedies in MJ's life because they can profit from it. There are a ton of celebrities who have lead tragic life past and present and of course too many to list. Former child actors and child actors especially lead tragic lives.

Anonymous said...

That makes me so mad. I hate to see people being taken advantage of, I see so much of it in everyday life and it makes my blood boil. MJ was so soft-natured as well as having an amazing creative and business mind, he had his weak points. He sometimes comes across as quite vulnerable, and I get pissed off when I see people profitting from that side of him.

Anonymous said...

Christ almighty - do you know anything about Michael at all..?? He was opposed to violence, nevermind getting rid of people. It's just not what he was about. He never wished harm on people, particularly of the kind you speak of.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Untouchable - The Strange Life and Tragic Death of MJ
I'm 100 pages in, it's mostly looking at negative aspects of his life.

It starts with him in the early 2000s, all the headaches with being sued, money woes, invincible flopping, etc. Very sad how MJ faced one adversity after another.

Then it sort of jumps back to his early days, and then back to the near present.

Sorta good, I don't like reading things in chronological order, so this makes it interesting.

One thing I noticed, it pretty much says that MJ was gay, and his family gathered this when he was about 15.

He made friends with a 6 year old boy and was phoning him a lot at age 15 or something, first clue that something wasn't right.
The book also says that he hated kissing Brooke Shields, feeling disgusted by it.

It also says that his penchant for lying began when Motown told him to say he was two years younger than he was, and to always say that Diana Ross discovered them.

The book says it was scary how well he did this.

I'm going to keep reading, even though its over 700 pages, and see what I can gleam about the man.

Its focus on the final decade of his life makes this a must-read, as noone really has examined this in depth.

I've read this book, and I've seen Mr. Sullivan on TV give this interview. I was especially saddened of learning how hard the last few years of his life were. His shopping/spending was clearly an addiction that got him into so much money trouble. I guess it filled a void in his life. And nope, Mr. Sullivan came to the conclusion he was not gay. He didn't think he was a pedophile either. He says there is a small shadow of a doubt, but in his conclusion though all his

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and Marc Schaffel has this to say about Michael's sexuality:

said Schaffel. No, he didn’t believe Michael was gay, Marc said: “At least I never saw any sign of it.” Michael often commented that he found this or that woman attractive, admiring the curve of her hips or the shape of her posterior

Sullivan, Randall (2012-11-06). Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson (Kindle Locations 12399-12400). Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.

And Tom Mesereau highly recommends this book to fans or anyone wanting to learn more about his life.

Anonymous said...

What I have honestly begun to think about this book is that it is just a collected mishmash of every innuendo he has probably ever heard and every story he was probably told in the course of his research. My early impression from the sections I have read is that he seems to be making "some" attempt at presenting a balanced view by giving all sides of most every issue, but there doesn't seem to be any context for any of it, nor any attempt to mold any of it into some sort of constructive narrative. It's a very confusing book, actually. For example, in one passage alone, he states that Arnie Klein diagnosed Michael with vitiligo and lupus-and seems to genuinely believe that he had these conditions-and yet, within the very same paragraph, brings up the rumored Porcelana usage in the 70's and states his belief that Michael was lightening his skin. BUT it wasn't because he didn't want to be black, Sullivan is quick to remind us-but simply that he he just wanted to be lighter version of himself. I can see where he's trying to go with this, but in the end, with so much conflicting information tossed into the pot, it just leaves a reader feeling confused and exhausted. There never seems to be any attempt to genuinely either debunk, refute, or confirm anything. It's just, hey, let's toss everything we've ever heard about Michael Jackson against the wall and see what sticks.

Yep. Pretty much it, in a nutshell. It's that kind of book.

Anonymous said...

Debunking MJ fan lies (sleepover edition)
FAN LIE #1: when kids would sleep over in MJ's bedroom, MJ would sleep on the floor while the kids would sleep on the bed.

FACT:while it's true MJ claimed to have slept on the floor when the Arvizo boys slept in his bed, MJ admits to having slept in the same bed with many children. He told Martin Bashir:

But I have slept in a bed with many children. I slept in a bed with all of them; when Macauley Culkin was little: Kieran Culkin would sleep on this side, Macauley Culkin was on this side, his sisters in there...we all would just jam in the bed, you know.
We would wake up like dawn and go in the hot air balloon, you know, we had
the footage. I have all that footage.

FAN LIE #2: when kids had sleepovers with MJ, parents of the kids slept in the same big huge room.

FACT: while it's true MJ had a two story bedroom and probably did invite parents to hang out there so he could gain their trust and reduce their suspicions, eventually parents would let their guards done and MJ would spend night after night alone in a room with a boy. Brette barnes' sister testified that MJ spent 365 nights alone in a room with her brother. See lines 10-12 on page 223 of court transcripts in the following link:

On page 7 of the same link (lines 4 to 6) joy robson testifies that when she was at neverland, her son stayed in MJ's bedroom but she did not.

FAN LIE #3: MJ had sleepovers with all children, with no preference for boys.

FACT: Brett barnes's sister estimated that she stayed at neverland about 100 nights, about 80 of which MJ was also there. Of those 80 nights she slept in MJ's bedroom only 2 nights and Brett barnes slept in MJ's bedroom EVERY night. See pages 220-221 of the court transcripts in the following link:

While Brett barnes' sister claimed this was her decision, the fact remains that virtually every girl who slept in MJ's bedroom only did so because she was a sister of a boy MJ was interested in and such girls joined MJ and his boy companion only once in a blue moon. MJ had no choice but to invite these sisters into his bedroom too so they wouldn't feel excluded, but they quickly got the hint that MJ's bedroom was an all boys club and found somewhere else at neverland to sleep.

Anonymous said...

In the Martin Bashir interview, MJ encouraged grown men to sleep with children.

He even claimed that he shared his kids around with Barry Gibb, of the Bee Gees, saying that 'my kids sleep with other people all the time.'

I'm sure that Barry Gibb was outraged that MJ mentioned him--its like, gee thanks, makes it sound like I'm part of some pedophile ring.

Even if MJ was innocent of sexual misconduct (and I think he was), his encouragement of men to sleep with children is dangerous.

'The whole world should do it!' he said.
Sorry, no. I don't think its a good idea to go down that path.

Grown men should sleep with their wives or girlfriends...not with 13 year old boys.

They used to do that in Roman/Greek times, and I don't want society to return to that type of set up.

Anonymous said...

I bet after he said that thousands of big grown-a$$ hairy men who love MJ, all those big hairy MJ impersonator fanatical stans who showed up at his trial, actually did invite kids into their bed and cuddled with them, in some MJ inspired healing process. And I bet sexual molestation DID occur on an international scale especially in Europe where it's almost acceptable. When MJ goes on TV and tells 90 million viewers to buy his album we see a huge spike in album sales, so when MJ tells 90 million people to sleep with kids, sexual molestation is going to spike. I wonder if the children who were sexually abused right after the documentary are now young adults raping and sodomizing the next generation of kids who will continue the MJ inspired cycle of abuse. So even if MJ himself was innocent (and he wasn't) that stupid comment of his has ruined so many lives.

Anonymous said...

Sure, but THEN you consider the fact that most kids who are abused ARE by their family members or people they know,

Most abused children are abused by people they know, and all of MJ's alleged victims got to know MJ before the alleged abuse took place.

Anonymous said...

Sharing a bed implies a loving relationship. That loving relationship can either be sexual love (a husband and wife sleeping together) or parent-child love (a mother and baby sharing a bed). MJ wanted the world to believe he was manifesting a parent-child type love with the boys he slept with, however given that he was not a parent or parent-figure to these boys, but instead came across as a stereotypical gay man who had naked boy books and photos in his bedroom, the most reasonable assumption was that his bed sharing was sexual, especially since he was repeatedly accused by boys of molesting them, and one of these boys reportedly knew about the dark spot on MJ's penis only visible when MJ was erect.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how big his bedroom was. I don't care if his bedroom was 2 stories, 3 stories or whether it had a family room in it. It doesn't change the fact that MJ slept in the SAME bed with boys over and over again as has been admitted by both MJ and the boys he slept with.. And even when MJ wasn't in his bedroom, but was on tour he slept in the same room as the boy he was touring with. Brett barnes sister testified that MJ stayed alone in a room with Brett for 365 nights. MJ would even go to the homes of boys and stay in THEIR small bedroom. So all this focus on how big MJ's bedroom was is just desperate spin by frank cascio to save his own a$$ since he was accused of being a co-conspirator in MJ's 2005 sexual molestation trial.

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