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Declaration of Jordan Chandler

Today I bring you the declaration of a then 13 year old Jordan Chandler. Jordan is the boy who accused Michael Jackson of sexually molesting him back in 1993. The case was later settled after Jordan described a tell-tale marking on Michael Jackson's penis. Michael Jackson paid a sum believed to be in the region of $22 million though it could have been several million more. Before you read the declaration I just want to bring to your attention that it is unbelievably rare for children to make up false lies of sexual abuse. Wikipedia reports that false child molestation claims are less than 10%, so you could say there's a 90+ percent chance that this declaration is true. I must also warn you this isn't particularly nice to read, and if you are easily offended you may want to leave right now.

I, J. Chandler, declare:

1. I am the plaintiff in this lawsuit against Michael Jackson. I was born on
January 11, 1980 and am 13 years old. I am currently in the eighth grade. I
first met Michael Jackson when I was five years old at a restaurant that my
mother, stepfather and I often went to.

2. In about May of 1992 I met Michael Jackson again at my stepfather's car
rental business, Rent-a-Wreck. My stepfather called me and told me that
Michael Jackson was at Rent-a-Wreck and that I should come down and see him.
Later I learned from my stepfather that Michael Jackson's car had broken
down and that he was at Rent-a-Wreck to get another car while his was being

3. After I met Michael Jackson at Rent-a-Wreck he began calling me on the
telephone. From about May of 1992 until about February 1993 (when I first
spent the weekend with Michael Jackson at Neverland), I received many
telephone calls from Michael Jackson. For at least part of this time Michael
Jackson was on tour and he would be calling me from various places
throughout the world. On occasion these telephone conversations lasted as
long as three hours. Michael Jackson and I talked about video games, the
Neverland Ranch, water fights, and famous people that he knew.

4. In about February 1993, my mother, Lily (my half sister), and I went to
Neverland at the invitation of Michael Jackson. The three of us stayed
together in the guest area. I did not spend the nights with Michael Jackson.
This was a weekend trip.

5. I spent the entire weekend with Michael Jackson. We went on jet skis in a
small lake he had, saw the animals that he kept at Neverland, played video
games and went on golf cart rides. One evening he took Lily and me to Toys
'R Us and we were allowed to get anything we wanted. Although the store was
closed, it was opened just for our visit.

6. In late March 1993, my mother, Lily and I went to Las Vegas as a guest of
Michael Jackson. We flew on a private airplane. We stayed at a large suite
at the Mirage Hotel. My mother and Lily shared a bedroom. We stayed at the
Mirage Hotel about a week. One night Michael Jackson and I watched the
Exorcist in Michael Jackson's bedroom. When the movie was over, I was
scared. Michael Jackson suggested that I spend the night with him, which I
did. Although we slept in the same bed there was no physical contact.

7. From that time, whenever Michael Jackson and I were together, we slept in
the same bed. We spent two or three additional nights in the same bed at Las
Vegas. Again, there was no physical contact.

8. After I returned from the Las Vegas trip, my friendship with Michael
Jackson became much closer. My mother Lily and I started making frequent
trips to Neverland. At Neverland I would always sleep in bed with Michael
Jackson. I also slept in bed with Michael Jackson at my house and at hotels
in New York, Florida and Europe. We were together until our relationship
ended in July 1993. During our relationship Michael Jackson had sexual
contact with me on many occasions.

9. Physical contact between Michael Jackson and myself increased gradually.
The first step was simply Michael Jackson hugging me. The next step was for
him to give me a brief kiss on the cheek. He then started kissing me on the
lips, first briefly and then for a longer period of time. He would kiss me
while we were in bed together.

10. The next step was when Michael Jackson put his tongue in my mouth. I
told him I did not like that. Michael Jackson started crying. He said there
was nothing wrong with it. He said that just because most people believe
something is wrong, doesn't make it so.

11. Michael Jackson told me that another of his young friends would kiss him
with an open mouth. Michael Jackson said that I did not love him as much as
this other friend.

12. The next step was when Michael Jackson rubbed up against me in bed. The
next step was when we would lie on top of each other with erections.

13. During May of 1993, my mother, Lily and I went with Michael Jackson to
Monaco in Europe. Michael Jackson and I both had colds so we stayed in the
room all day while my mother and Lily were out. That's when the whole thing
really got out of hand. We took a bath together. This was the first time
that we had seen each other naked. Michael Jackson named certain of his
children friends that masturbated in front of him.

14. Michael Jackson then masturbated in front of me. He told me that when I
was ready, he would do it for me. While we were in bed, Michael Jackson put
his hand underneath my underpants. He then masturbated me to a climax. After
that Michael Jackson masturbated me many times both with his hand and with
his mouth.

15. Michael Jackson had me suck one nipple and twist the other nipple while
Michael Jackson masturbated. On one occasion when Michael Jackson and I were
in bed together Michael Jackson grabbed my buttock and kissed me while he
put his tongue in my ear. I told him I didn't like that. Michael Jackson
started to cry.

16. Michael Jackson told me that I should not tell anyone what had happened.
He said that this was a secret.

17. My relationship with Michael Jackson ended when my father obtained
custody of me in July 1993 and I started living permanently at my father's

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed on December 28, 1993, at Santa Monica, California.
J. Chandler

As you can see the declaration is quite graphic, and I find it very hard to believe that this child could have fabricated such detailed and graphic events. You can search anywhere, on the Internet, and it will tell you time and time again that it is so rare for children to make this kind of stuff up. Another great site is "Child molesters, a behavioural analyst", It will tell you yet again how rare it is for children to tell lies about sexual abuse, they have received at the hands of an adult.


Anonymous said...

Before going around trying to influence people with what "wikipedia reports"... and with wanting to bring to our attention that it is unbelievably rare for children to make up false lies of sexual abuse, you should inform yourself better.

Jordan admitted that Mr. Jackson never molested him and that he lied because his father made him to. Chandler was in for the MONEY.

Another thing you don't seem to get is that Mr. Jackson was acquitted. The verdict of the jurors was NOT GUILTY.

Roderigo said...

Anonymous, everybody knows, J Chandler never retracted his molestation accusation. That video is very old, MJ's mother will say anything to protect her son. Did she spend every single night in MJ's bedroom when he had young company around? Of course she didn't. Do a Google or Bing search for "Evan Chandler, I'm sorry, I lied for my father" and you will get hundreds if not thousands of webpages with that story. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what's wrong with it but I think we all know who the father was and who the son was. Am I correct?. There is absolutely no credibility to them, they are no different from the hundreds or thousands of fake celebrity stories that get started on the Internet every single year.

Anonymous said...

I ponder this, on a few levels, and these are Jordie's three possible thought processes.

1) I was abused, got money instead of justice, and now the man who did it looks like he'll get away with it because the family have HUGE credibility issues. So I should step in and not let him get away again, I can't have another boy abused on my conscious.

2) 1993 was for money, and now, my former best friend, is now facing prison, partially based on my lies. I must step in and clear my conscious, and MJ's name.

3)Michael was my lover, and I still harbor romantic feelings for him. I could never lie and say nothing happened on the stand, as my testimony would fall apart under examination. But because I love him, I could never be the one that "put him away". I must flee the country, leaving MJ to his legal team.

Logically, number 3 is the only explanation.
If Jordie was abused and missed his chance to put away a monster, he would jump at it if given a do-over. Most victims of abuse will find the courage to do that.

If Jordie wasn't abused, then 2005 was the perfect opportunity to make amends. God knows he should have stepped in if all MJ ever was was a best friend.

So seeing as he didn't do either, there is only scenario number 3.

I don't think he fled to protect his millions. He could have easily sorted out some sort of deal with Tom where he would not be chased for the money if he joins the defense team.

The only conclusion is that something did happen, and whatever it was, it wasn't going to save MJ from jail, and he certainly wasn't going to tell it to put MJ away.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson's former publicist Bob Jones mentioned in his book that he supposedly saw Michael Jackson licking a boy's head on an airplane in 1993. In 2003, Gavin Arvizo's mother claimed that she saw Michael Jackson licking her son's head on an airplane while everyone slept. The book was not yet released so there's no way that Janet Arvizo could have gotten that from Bob Jones, so I think there was some truth to that allegation, or maybe the Arvizos just made it up on their own because Cynthia Bell, a flight attendant on that flight, testified that she'd been awake and could see everyone, and that she saw no inappropriate behavior.

Anonymous said...

MJ must have been a very reckless pedophile to commit all these heinous crimes out in the open in full view so that people could see it. I think It's pretty obvious that the whole thing was made up and was just one of the many lies told by this mentally ill, compulsive liar. Why these people weren't booked for perjury is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Flight attendants don't make alot of money and aren't professionally associated with either party. She was bought, eventually MJ bought everyone out to avoid jail.

I think a lot of witnesses were bought off. Bob Jones was definitely one, Debbie Rowe (who described Mike as a 'sociopath' to detectives during interviews before the trial, yet described him as a 'loving father' during the trial) was another.

Others simply lied for love, or to avoid embarrassment - Brett, Lisbeth and Joy fall into this category.

Anonymous said...

There are airlines (Qantas, Virgin Australia & Air New Zealand) that do not allow men to be seated next to unaccompanied minors. These policies are sexist and the perks they sometimes offer (a free drink or moving the man to business class) are insulting (accuse me of being a pedophile based on my sex, but I can be mollified by the price of a drink or a roomier seat). However, apparently a known pedophile not only traveled around the world with children not his own (that is, the three he bought) but smeared his saliva on these children. One would think an airplane is the one place a pedophile would behave, given the limited possibilities for privacy and the inability to make a quick getaway. What a mixed up world.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting quote from MJ:

"I'm a totally innocent guy. None of these stories are true. They are totally fabricated. There's a lot of conspiracy going around. A whole lot of it, and it's very painful"

Anonymous said...

If any witnesses were coached or brought off to lie or fabricate stories, then it was certainly the prosecution's. There's no doubt that there was some type of conspiracy to bring down the world's most famous celebrity and get a conviction, and considering the fact that sneddon and his office has a long history of illegal activities and corruption, it's not farfetched to believe. There was a huge desire to destroy Michael Jackson. As Tom Meseraeu mentioned during his closing argument, "there will be a big celebration among this group if he's convicted of anything". In fact, just 3 days before the verdict was reached, Sneddon and his crew were out celebrating with their families at an expensive restaurant and popping bottles of expensive champagne. The case was built on lies and created by liars, and these people got exactly what they deserved..Failure!

I know the fantards live in an alternate universe (like followers of Kim Jong Il, who claim he never defecated). However, in the real world, nobody pays 20 million dollars to a family whose son was allegedly raped by an uberrich pop star unless it's true. Michael Jackson never made the tiniest concession toward making his pedophilia less obvious than the lights of Broadway. His notion of "handling the situation" was making multi-million dollar pay outs and an occasional fake marriage to an adult female.

However, in the real world, nobody pays 20 million dollars to a family whose son was allegedly raped by an uberrich pop star unless it's true.

Anonymous said...

You're like a broken record and know nothing. Celebs settle all the time. Big corporations settle all the time. Trials can take years and if they win, they could end up paying more than they were being sued for in court fees. Come on now, THINK, your mother wouldn't want you parading yourself around so dumb.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson never made the tiniest concession toward making his pedophilia less obvious than the lights of Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Then why would he deny it? You're not making sense. If he made it so obvious, something a REAL pedophile wouldn't do, why go and deny it. Do you see how contradictive that is?

Yes, I repeat myself like a broken record because the fantards on this site are so resolutely cretinous. The 20 million dollars (you're not even disputing it was paid) was for the silence of the family of a boy he raped. That is not, as you stated, a everyday occurrence. No one else has ever paid anything approaching that sum of money to nip a sex scandal in the bud. And no one except a guilty as homemade sin pedophile would ever pay such a large sum. If those facts are beyond your comprehension I guess that's why you worship a mutilated
pedophile in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The fantards would be standing on line in Jonestown, anxiously awaiting their turn to drink the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. They're like the lobotomized Moonies who used to be found selling flowers on the street to raise money for their idol, or the North Korean propagandists who claim that Kim Jong-Il never defecated. They ignore the fact that the 20 million dollars is a smoking gun. They are too deluded to accept the fact that it was a vile, mutilated pedophile freak who serially raped boys.