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Strange noises and behaviour with Michael Jackson and a little boy on a train

Do the FBI files vindicate or cast more doubt over MJ's behaviour with little boys?

I'm referring to the FBI files where two Canadian social workers (a married couple), travelling on the same train with Michael Jackson, who were very concerned with his possessive behaviour with a totally unrelated little boy he was travelling with, and the strange noises that were coming from his cabin when he was alone with this young boy.

The train trip in question happened around March 7, 1992, when the couple were making a visit to California. The Toronto woman, who told police investigators who were probing allegations that Michael Jackson molested a 13-year-old Jordan Chandler, one year later, that a young boy, believed to be in the age range of 12 to 13 years old, was travelling with Michael Jackson. Jackson referred to his special little friend as his "cousin" to anybody who asked. Jackson was unbelievably possessive of the boy at night and the Canadian couple became ever more suspicious of MJ's behaviour when they heard very strange and very questionable noises through the walls of his cabin, which they were staying right next to.

The woman social worker was so concerned of MJ's possessive behaviour, and especially of the questionable noises that were heard through the walls of MJ's train cabin, that she notified the conductor of the train they were travelling on.

Now, we all know how obsessed MJ was with young unrelated little boys. But why did he feel the need to start taking these young boys on train trips with him? And who was this boy? I'm sure we can throw a few names into the hat, but it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that MJ was yet again spending vast amounts of unsupervised time alone with a boy who was no relation to him, despite the bizarre "cousin" claim to anybody who asked.
The truth is, I like most people have been on a train many times, and I can say that I've never seen a thirtysomething year old man with a child who didn't belong to them, being possessive of that child, and having questionable noises coming from the cabin they were staying in.

I'm sure the haters will will go down the usual route and claim that this Canadian couple did it for the money. But this happened in 1992, before the accusations that MJ molested Jordan Chandler. This Canadian couple only informed the train conductor, and then later, the authorities that they were concerned with MJ's behaviour with this boy. They never went to the press, they never received any monies of any kind, all this information has only recently come to light through the FBI files.

Most people know what is wrong and what is right between an adult and a child, but this Canadian couple who were social workers were in a better position than most because of their line of work. And even if they weren't social workers they were still responsible and sensible adults who did the right thing in notifying the train conductor, and then the authorities that something wasn't quite right between Michael Jackson and this child.

I'm sure most of you have come across a website in your lifetime, where products are a fraction of their retail price, but your gut instinct tell you straight away that this website isn't right and its probably a scam. This is exactly what this Canadian couple did regarding Michael Jackson's behaviour, with this child. They may have never seen "illegal" behaviour going on, but their instincts told them it wasn't right for a grown man to behave in this way with this totally unrelated boy who was travelling with him.

Women in particular have a better understanding what is right and what is wrong, because they have motherly instincts. This woman clearly didn't think MJ's behaviour was appropriate. And she along with her husband 100% did the right thing.

These FBI files do not vindicate MJ, but add more question marks over his behaviour with boys. Sure, whatever this Canadian couple saw or heard doesn't prove that Michael Jackson's did illegal things or molested this or any child, but it throws up a lot more questions over MJ's behaviour with boys, and to some extent even adds more credibility to the accusations that were made against him.

You can find links to the MJ FBI files, and the claims made by the Canadian couple at the following link


Roderigo said...

Vindicatemj, do you have any idea who this boy could have been that Michael Jackson was very possessive of? I don't believe it could have been Jordy Chandler as we probably would have heard of it through his declaration or something. Who ever it was it's disturbing to hear how possessive he was of this young boy. I'm glad that Canadian couple reported their concerns. Unfortunately it didn't lead to anything but it's good to know these kind of things have been brought out into the open thanks to you, vindicatemj.

Truth Prevail said...

I would like to know this too, Roderigo. The timeframe would suggest it was either Jordan, Brett or Wade. If you read the court documents it shows that MJ kept his relationship with young boys a secret from the other young boys which is really weird. But if I was a betting woman, I would probably say it was Wade, who was on that train with MJ.

Vindicate Michael Jackson said...