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Was it obvious from the beginning that MJ had no interest in women?

Despite being an unbelievably attractive young black man Michael Jackson never seemed that interested in the opposite sex and never held down a long-term relationship with one.

Shortly after the death of Michael Jackson, biographer Ian Halperin released a book claiming that the former pop star was indeed a homosexual that dressed up as a woman to go and meet men for homosexual activities.

Dr. Arnold Klein the former dermatologist to Michael Jackson, also came out shortly after his death and said Michael Jackson was in a homosexual relationship with his assistant Jason Pfeiffer.

News reports claimed that two of Michaels sisters Janet, and La Toya Jackson believe he died a virgin or at least they believe he never had sexual intercourse with a woman.

Are these claims true? Who knows for sure, but lets take a closer look at the beginning of Michael Jackson's adult life.

Despite being in the music industry, where Michael Jackson would have been surrounded by many beautiful females from dancers to musicians, Michael went through his entire 20s, without a single long-term female partner (or at least we never knew of any).

When Michael was in his early 20s, he was touring with his brothers in United Kingdom, instead of meeting and hooking up females, he met a young boy named Terry George, who he exchanged telephone numbers with. Terry and Michael would ring each other for several months until Terry claimed the pop star started masturbating on the phone and asked him if he did the same. Whether true or not this is all very strange. Why was a twentysomething Michael Jackson telephoning young boys instead of exchanging phone numbers with females and talking dirty with them?
What happened after Terry? Did Michael finally start hanging out with females?.

Despite Michael's popularity in the music industry going through the roof. Michael Jackson was still not seen hanging out or dating females. This time, his new best friend was another young boy named Emmanuel Lewis. Michael started taking Emanuel everywhere with him, including music awards.

Michael is finally seen with a woman.

Hooray, Michael Jackson is finally seen with a beautiful woman (Brooke Shields) by his side. But don't get too excited. This was not a sexual relationship, she only went with Michael to the Grammy Awards, 1984. And surprise surprise Michael Jackson also took his special little friend Emmanuel Lewis along with him too.

Just what is going on? Why isn't Michael dating females. Most men of that age would have been in a stable sexual relationship. But not Michael.

Did things improve after Emmanuel? Hell no, things just got weirder and weirder for Michael. By his late 20s a still single Michael Jackson was now moving into his purposely built Neverland Ranch home. A place that would appeal more to a 12-year-old child, not somebody who is about to turn 30. Michael is then seen hanging out with boys more than ever. Some of these included child stars like Macaulay Culkin.

What about his music videos? Some of them are quite flirty and sexual right?

These of course are just music videos, they are all scripted nothing in them is real. When you see Michael Jackson acting flirty with a woman in one of his music videos it is all fake. Take for example the video "The Way You Make Me Feel" Michael Jackson is seen chasing a girl. It just doesn't add up.

But what about the marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, that seemed genuine, right?

Actually no, a lot of people are not convinced it was a genuine relationship.You have to look back to the mid-90s, Michael Jackson is just hanging out with boys, no females, one little boy, who Michael had a very special relationship with was Jordan Chandler. Jordan later went on to accuse Michael Jackson of molesting him. Michael Jackson decided to settle the case out of court after the boy describe markings on his genitals. Michael Jacksons career hit a all-time low, Michael Jackson and his PR team knew something had to be done.

Lisa and Michael had allegedly been friends for some time and had been telephoning each other offering support. Michael then later decided to propose to Lisa, but there is a lot of confusion over this as one of Michael Jackson's childhood friends J. Randy Taraborrelli was originally going to publish a book where he claims a heavily drugged up Michael Jackson thought he was actually talking to Debbie Rowe (Michael Jackson's medical nurse), and was actually proposing to her. This sounds like typical tabloid trash, but the truth is, after hearing Michael Jackson's drugged up telephone conversation to Dr Murray this is a real possibility.

Whether he proposed to the right woman or not doesn't really matter. The whole MJ and Lisa Marie Presley marriage never really seemed that convincing. Why would a 35-year-old man suddenly marry a woman after living a solitary life. Was it a publicity stunt? Was it designed to save Michael Jackson's career after the child molestation accusation? That's what many people think. Despite being married to a beautiful young woman Michael Jackson could still not kick his boy addiction, and the marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, was over within two years. Despite the separation, is reported that the two kept in contact and where on friendly terms with each other.

What about Debbie Rowe?

This was a very strange one. Why did they get married? Michael Jackson said himself it was never a sexual relationship. Many people believe the marriage was just a sweetener to persuade Debbie to give Michael 2 children via artificial insemination. And it certainly looks that way as she later signed over Prince and Paris to Michael

What about his 2005 child molestation trial?

Did any women come forward and stand up in a court of law and testify that they had a wild passionate sexual relationship with Michael Jackson? The answer is a no, not a single woman took to the stand in the Michael Jackson trial and said they had a normal sexual relationship with the 45-year-old "King Of Pop". You might think what did that trial have to do with Michael Jackson sexual preferences for adults? The truth is, Michael Jackson was a 45-year-old adult who liked hanging out with little boys, the first thing any lawyer would do in that situation is to try and get some females in and said the guy on trial was a normal heterosexual guy. But his lawyer did not produce any.

What about gay pornographic material did Michael have any?

Yes, during the raids of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch lots of pornography was discovered. Some of this was male orientated that can be found here.

But the mother of all evidence that Michael Jackson could have been a homosexual was during the investigation into the 2003 child molestation accusation against him. During a search of his Neverland ranch police took samples of stains found on his bed mattress and bed sheets. After testing it was confirmed that the stains were in fact male semen that belong to 3 unidentified males and Michael Jackson. It's not normal for a  straight man to have bodily fluids from other men on their bed, but is this proof that he was gay? Well, it's pretty strong evidence. You can read more about it on a great blog called Desiree speaks so listen.

Maybe Michael Jackson fooled us all and had a series of  long-term sexual relationship with females but managed to keep them all under wraps, but I'm very doubtful. I think most people will agree after reading this that it's a strong possibility that Michael Jackson may have very well been gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong of being a gay and it was Michael's choice, if he was gay. We live in modern times and most people have no problem with homosexuality. It is only the very small-minded, that discriminate against it.


Roderigo said...

Michael was a strange guy. He could have any woman he wanted but he chose not to. I do believe he was gay, but is like you say in this post, it is no big deal if he was into men and not women.

Anonymous said...

You know, this website is a lie. It's says vindicating, but all it's really doing is stirring up gossip. Michael had sex with women. He had a regular girlfriend, his bodyguards and his makeup lady said so.

Anonymous said...

He was outed as gay because:

(1) The semen of multiple males was found in his bed; no female fluids found

(2) Police found a photograph of a fully naked boy in his bedroom believed to be Jonathan Spence and another photo of a boy with bikini briefs partly pulled down

(3) There's no evidence he owned ANY straight porn until AFTER the police started raiding him and he needed a smoke screen, before that his bedroom contained "ART BOOKS" full of naked boys in disgusting poses

(4) And last but not least, both Sneddon (under oath) and the new Tom Messereau endorsed biography CONFIRM that Jordy had correctly identified discolorizations of Michael's private parts, meaning that Jordy must have seen Michael with an ERECTION since he was aware of a dark spot ONLY VISIBLE WHEN MJ's PENIS WAS LIFTED!!!!
It's time to snap out of the denial. He was outed. Not that he needed to be. It was totally obvious he was gay. Only a moron could fail to see it. He looked, acted, moved, dressed and talked gay, worshipped gay icons like Liz Taylor and had no heterosexual relationships until he married Lisa Marie to divert attion from what was arguabley the biggest HOMOSEXUAL SETTLEMENT in legal history.

BULL FOCKING $HIT! There were like 500 beds and Neverland. Why the heck would MJ have to offer any guest his bed? MJ's legal team just cooked up that BS to try to explain away the fact that both MJ and several of his little boyfriends were ON RECORD admitting they shared a bed, so to confuse the issue they made up nonsense about EVERYONE sleeping in his bed.

Truth is, the only time someone else slept in MJ's bed was if he was sleeping in the same bed with them or somewhere else in the room. Frank had to whitewash a lot in his book because he was indicted as a CO-CONSPIRATOR in the Arvizo trial, so he can't point the finger at MJ without incriminating himself.

Anonymous said...

Even Tom Messereau admits that the Arvizos were looking at porn and getting drunk at Neverland except he comes up with the ridiculos excuse that they found it on their own. Poor Michael and his huge staff were supposedly helpless to defend Michael's private porn and booze against these two little boys who apparently ruled the richest estate in Santa-Maria. And yet we're also supposed to believe MJ had no romantic feelings for this boy, he just apparently lets random boys lord over his estate according to Messereau's idiotic talking points.

And you're wrong about no other boy corroborating the Arvizos. Corey Feldman claimed that when he was a boy, MJ showed him a medical book full of naked people and he was so disturbed by it that if a grown man did that to Corey's son, he would beat his a$$ (Corey's words). So here you have 2 independent sources (the Arvizos and Corey Feldman) both claiming MJ showed them naked images (one porn, the other a sexual medical book). Coincedence? I don't think so.

But what's also interesting about the straight porn is Tom Messereaus constantly says "The found TEN YEARS of straight porn". Why TEN YEARS? Because TEN YEARS after the first raid (where police found a photo of a naked boy believed to be Jonathan Spence, another photo of a near-naked boy, and ART BOOKS full of naked boy is disguesting poses in MJ's bedroom) MJ realized he needed copious amounts of straight porn as a smoke screen. MJ was very cunning and calculating and collecting all that straight porn after the 1993 raid was a very shrewd move on his part and it fooled a lot of people into thinking he wasn't gay.

MJ's semen was found there too.

Yes you are correct that he was fully functioning man. Be he was the ultimate con-artist who tricked the public into thinking he was asexual childlike Peter Pan, but behind the scenes he was a raging homosexual with an enormous penis, a deep manly man voice and constant carnal sex.

I agree that the Arvizos were terrible unreliable witnesses and I don't know whether they were drunk, but we do know they saw porn at Neverland because they told police where to find it and even Messereau doesn't deny it.

And yes there can be legitimate reasons to show naked pictures (STD education), but when you have a man who has been accused of doing this by BOTH the arvizos AND Corey Feldman, we have a PATTERN

If they were going to set him up they would have used Gavin's semen. In fact the semen was not even used in court because the police never proved it was from any boy, it could have been from a man which is legal.

I don't know if he had orgies because we don't know if the semen got there all in one night or over many nights.!

Anonymous said...

The thing about MJ of the early 80s, was that he wasn't materialistic whatsoever. Spending money on himself was seen as a sinful action. He saved millions, and gave away millions. He lived like a monk, dedicating his spare time and energy to working. What need is there for material items when you don't have the time to use them?

His accountants forced him to buy a few rolls royces (as they were tax write offs) but he didn't even drive, so it didn't really interest him.

"I don't feel like blowing money on myself!" he would protest to accountants trying to let him in on the many loopholes that millionaires enjoy for lavish self-spending.

Then came Neverland. He threw so much money at it that it became ridiculous. His upkeep on that place rivaled Disneyland, but the catch was that Disneyland charged $80 a pop to get in, and then more so on merchandize. Neverland had no charge. It was (financially speaking) a cash hole, a liability, an expense.

But hey, Bad, Dangerous and HIstory were making money, so the books were more or less being balanced.

End of the History Tour in 1997, MJ's cash flow dried up. Sony pushed him to release an album, giving him the target of 1999, a great year for the pop music industry with a huge resurgence with artists such as Britney and Nsync.

But MJ dropped the ball, and Invincible came out in 2001, just in time for the party pooper that was 9/11 and the War on Terror.

What did MJ do now that he had no cash and no record label (as he ditched them) ? He became fully addicted to buying antiques. Like non-stop spending.

He was going through cash with no sense whatsoever.

Hundreds of thousands were spent a month on what you or I might think is just old crap, or junk, but it was tagged with the word "antique" or "french" and then a huge price tag put next to it.

"Oh I just have to have it!"

MJ was the best joke in the antique world. They'd get a call from MJ's security saying "can you close the store in one hour? Special buyer coming."

They knew who it was. They quickly ran around marking up everything by 1000%.

MJ would come in, buy up, and suddenly the shop owner can buy his wife that mink coat and mercedes she wants.

One seller (whose name I will not disclose) told me that he was so caught up in up-pricing the sell that he charged MJ $10,000 for delivery to Neverland, instead of the usual $600! He felt guilty, but then he thought "*beep* it, this guy wants to blow all his money, I might as well get in on this cash before it's all gone."

I dont' blame him.

The sad thing, is that MJ at the end was exactly who the religious Michael of 1983 swore he would never become. Being an artist is about sharing one's talent to the world, not about living like a King on earth.

"My kingdom is not of this world, that's what Jesus said, build up your riches in heaven Janet" he used to say to his younger sister who started to get the huge royalty checks coming in.

"But don't you want to go on a spending spree sometimes Michael?" she would ask, as if seeking permission.

"We got kids starving to death because the rich can't part with their money, give it away, have treasure in heaven."

Sad how spending became his addiction, his drug, his "what I never wanted to become."

Anonymous said...

Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of MJ's hit, Beat It. I didn't know until recently that he had lost both of parents due to carbon monoxide gas poisoning.

It's amazing to me how so many mainstream celebrities who have made it to the big time have lost close loved ones or friends due to strange accidents or who were outright murdered. It's a long list of names which goes on and on. Hardly anyone hasn't been touched. Such tragic lives these people really lead. So MJ wasn't the only one that led a tragic life.

Now MJ was really close to Dee Dee Jackson, Tito's ex wife. Do you think that the only reason that he included his nephews, 3T's, in the will is because their mother was murdered and no other reason?

Assuming that the will is valid, keep in mine that MJ cut alot of people out of the will. The beneficiaries in the will were his mother, his children, some charities which is nothing out of the ordinary and then - 3T's?. I know that he was helping them in their careers while he probably didn't help any of his other nephews and nieces. Discuss.

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