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Michael Jackson's collection of naked boy books

Just what was found during the two police raids of Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch?.

Today we look at some of the evidence that could possibly point to Michael Jackson having a prurient interest in nude boys.

Neverland was an absolutely beautiful place from the outside, but what kind of man was living inside it? After Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a then 13-year-old Jordan Chandler, the police moved quickly to raid Michael Jackson's Neverland home to search and seize items that could possibly point to Michael Jackson having a sexual interest in children. Even though Jackson would have known a search was most likely in 1993 and its even rumoured that he was tipped off that a search of his Neverland Ranch was imminent by somebody inside the Los Angeles Police Department, still many questionable items were found.

Below I will take you through some of the items that were found.

From the 93 search.

Book: Boys Will Be Boys, containing photographs of boys under the age of 14; full frontal nudity. This book was personally inscribed by Michael Jackson.

Book: In Search Of Young Beauty, containing photographs of children, both boys and girls; some nude.

Book: The Boy, A Photographic Essay, containing black and white photos of boys, some nude.

Photograph: A photograph of a boy, believed to be Jonathan Spence; fully nude.

Photograph: A photograph of a young boy holding an umbrella; wearing bikini bottoms, partly pulled down.

From 2003 search.

Dressed Up Playacys and Fantasies of Childhood: 1978 photo book. Contains three photos of teenage boys naked.

Robert Maxwell Photographs: old photos, some nude, some of young children (nude and dressed).

Taormina Wilhelm Von Gloeden: Nude photos of teenage boys from the late 1800.

The Golden Age Of Neglect: Photos of teenagers, some nude.

Room To Play: Photos of children that are altered, morphed head on older bodies, kids made to look sexualized. Some are nude photos of kids.

Now, I will point out that none of the material that was found was illegal, or could be classed as child pornography, but it can be classed as child erotica.

So let's take a closer look at these books. The first one listed is "Boys Will Be Boys", which is the most interesting one. Michael Jackson actually personally inscribed this book and wrote "Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys' faces. This is the spirit of boyhood, a life I have never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children."

Now this book contains roughly 90% full frontal nudity of underage boys and Michael Jackson had clearly studied the faces and bodies of these boys very closely. What did he mean by that inscription. Did he want to see his children in nude poses?

Also very important to point out this book "Boys Will Be Boys" is a firm favourite with pedophiles and this has been confirmed by Bill Dworin the lead investigator into Michael Jackson 1993 child molestation accusation case who said he had confiscated this book many times before, from the homes of pedophiles on the 2005 documentary, "Michael Jackson and the boy he paid off". The book is even listed on the world-famous paedophile organisation website the North American Man Boy Love Association.

Here is a sample of the book. Picture 1 Picture 2

Another book that was very similar and contained a large number of nude images of underage boys was "The Boy, A Photographic Essay."

What about that nude photo that was believed to have been Jonathan Spence?

This is a weird one. What was Michael Jackson doing with a nude photo of one of his special little friends? Did he take the photograph? Nobody really knows, but this one is raising a massive red flag.

But none of this material was illegal so what's the big deal, I hear you ask?

Well, the truth is, if you went round to your next-door neighbor (who was a single thirtysomething year old man) and saw all this material lying around his house you would definitely raise your eyebrows and think what the hell is he doing with all this stuff.

Now, if your next-door neighbour was a man who enjoyed the company of other people's children (as Michael Jackson did) and he had all this material I think most people would be utterly horrified and would probably even suspect their neighbor of being a pedophile.

So why treat Michael Jackson any differently? The truth is, you shouldn't. Just why did he collect books that had naked images of under age boys in them? Was it all completely innocent or was it something much more sinister? The truth is, nobody will ever really know why he collected such material, and I'm not suggesting you should instantly suspect or brand anybody a pedophile who did have such material. But Michael Jackson was clearly obsessed with young boys and went to great length to have sleepovers with them. And that makes the material of nude boy books and pictures very significant and they should not be dismissed lightly.


Roderigo said...

I really had no idea Michael Jackson had this kind of material in his possession. It really makes you think twice. I will still enjoy his music, but I'm not so sure he is innocent anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are a liar and a piece of shit. Going to hell for sure while MJ is and was vindicated and he is now in heaven....a place you will never be... most likely. You need Jesus, you freak!

Anonymous said...

Calm down and SHUT UP! Sheesh! Why is it that anytime Hell and/or Heaven is mentioned, it is always some nut job?! Look at the public records! He had these items in his possession! Plain and simple! Now, if you can PROVE otherwise, be my guest. Otherwise, you are only able to offer an opinion. Not fact!

Anonymous said...

And there was nothing illegal about possessing these items. If there was, he would be charged with possession of child porn. These are just a few of 10,000 books that were in his possession. If the truth wasn't mainstream, you wouldn't have the need to do this and then mimic the name of a site with the ACTUAL facts. Beat that.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, trying to imitate Rodrgio from vindicatemj? You haters are HILARIOUS.

Roderigo said...

Mr. anonymous, please read the post properly, the author vindicatemj never claimed any of that material was illegal. She is only bring attention to it and question why a man who liked sharing his bed with other people's children would possess such material. Is that too difficult for your brain to digest? Or are you just here spreading hatred. As you haters do?.

Roderigo said...

Another thing Mr. anonymous. You say Michael Jackson had thousands of books, but did you know, he kept these very ones safely locked away in a filing cabinet. They were not in his public library for anybody to look at. He was clearly very fond of these books and didn't want anybody else touching them.

Anonymous said...

His admiration for boys comes from his own lack of childhood. It is interesting that people can be attracted to almost anything, but boys. Granted there are sicco people out there that use these images for deviant purposes, but to say that anyone that has these types of things are all pedophiles is ignorant at best. Throughout history the nude body has been seen as a thing of beauty. In american culture it is seen as a sickness. I don't believe this to be so. In Michael's case...this will never be proven one way or the other.

BrotherInChrist said...

okay you guys really need to get saved. only jesus can convict/condemn anybody it is not your place. I agree with "Mr. Anonymous" in all but the crude language. oh and guess what...
there are thousands far worse than MJ could have been.

KAREN said...

I'm so confused. Why have these books, living with children, after being accused of pedophilia and innocent out of this. I do not understand, I can not, I want to believe it is only art, but it seems rather strange to have so many books about children and that most of them go naked children books. Why would he? It would be possible to believe that Michael was mentally ill but did not realize this, but it should say and yet he felt he was not doing anything wrong? I do not know if you have to blame the lack of childhood about it, I´m not saying that he wasn´t a good person, but I think (and hope I'm wrong) that Michael could have had a mental problem.
In addition to this lack of love for himself and held more than 2 facial operations, it also has a pathological name. Yet he was a genius in music, ecology, social consciousness since childhood. I don´t know what elseto think about. I love him, I love his music and messages and all that, but I'm very distressed with that possibility. What if it´s all lies? What if it´s all true? :( People made me hesitate, but they also made ​​me believe in him, now I'm back from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Well i basically consider myself to have an open mind..Research the facts before making a judgment on the Man's guilt.

But i would like you to explain to me why if you are telling the truth about Michael Jackson then why are you misleading people by directing them to a site that is def not 'Vindicatemj'?

And why have you set the site up like that site and also on the side writing blatant lies about Vindicating MJ, when you are in fact only writing about guilt and no innocence at all?

Also why are you taking Facts and spinning them in the direction you want them to go...And why are you using debunked sources and hack journalists that have been PROVEN to be liars and were caught lying to do that?

You say you know all this stuff but even i know more than you..I wouldn't be surprised if you are connected to the media TBH.

But i will say one thing..You will have people come here and swallow everything you say...Many people are gullible in this world, but I'm not one of them...I WAS open minded to begin with but after seeing this site, you have made my decision very easy for me..I now know you to be dishonest and blatantly misleading about what you say.

You may dupe others but not me..Enjoy this mockery that you indulge in but I'm going to inform the people that i know exactly what you are doing.

I will say that whatever you may think about 'Vindicatemj' at least they are not resorting to devious tricks like this..The picture that you have is just the sordid icing on the cake of absolute Bullsh!t.

El gran Kaiosama said...

I think this is another hoax, not for the author of the blog, but by those who want to live the fame of Michael, it was shown that he lack of interest in women (OR sex in general) was because he had at that sense the mentality of a nine year old boy.

Anonymous said...

look at his small dick

Anonymous said...

Mentally sane people dont use Anasthetic to sleep....nude boys are cute, my two boys play in the river nude and people see them. I couldnt give a stuff and it neither do they. Its natural and healthy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are right, this blog is created to mock the truth and Michael Jackson.

If you really want the TRUTH go READ:

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you dude? I mean, let's be honest... MJ wasn't the only person in this world who bought that books. So my question is the following... are all the owners of those books interested sexually in children or does this make them child molesters?

This blog smells like paranoia. Stop judging others!

Roderigo said...

Have any of the British readers here been following the Jimmy Savile events?. I think the myth that "nice guys" don't go around molesting children have truly been busted. For those who do not know who Jimmy Savile is or what he used to do here's a short story. He was a great humanitarian he went around thousands and thousands of hospitals in United Kingdom, raising many millions of pounds for sick and underprivileged children. But several weeks ago, allegations that he molested children have started to arise. What is the most disturbing is that people who worked with him have said they believed he was abusing children, but chose to stay silent because of his celebrity status. One person even said they reported their concerns about Jimmy to the BBC, but were turned away because of who he was.

A lot of people say Michael Jackson could have never molested children, because he was such a great humanitarian. But that simply isn't true as the blog owner vindicatemj has shown with her excellent posts. Jimmy is dead, just like Michael is but that isn't stopping the allegations from coming. I believe in time, people may come forward with more allegations that Michael Jackson abused young boys. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens but for those who claim "nice guys" do not abuse children, you are completely wrong.

Roderigo said...

Hello there. Please read this post properly as the owner vindicatemj clearly makes the point that owning these books does not make you a paedophile, but when you add all the other things together, like the allegations against MJ, and his little boy addiction, they become much more significant.

Roderigo said...

There isn't anything bad about this blog. In fact, I find it a breath of fresh air as the owner vindicatemj tells it as it is. She isn't blinded by celebrity worship syndrome like many of the haters are.

Truth Prevail said...

Roderigo, have you heard of Jerry Sandusky? He was recently convicted of child molestation in United States. He was very much like Michael Jackson in the way that he presented himself to be a very kind and loving person who wouldn't hurt a child. He was immune from scrutiny because of his generous work with children but eventually his evil ways, caught up with him. It sounds very much like the same case with this Jimmy and it's sad to hear that he is no longer with you as maybe he could have been brought to justice, if these allegations are proven to be true.

Anyway, here's a great link about Jerry and the similarities between Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

It's just ppl like this guys blog that want to make MJ look bad. They make all this stuff up because they don't like him. Shame on you for posting this lie. MJ was with it.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe this lie. This is all made up. The person that did this blog is one of those ppl on you tube that says many bad things about him cause they don't like him. He needs to deal with the fact that MJ was innocent. Haters will make anything up. To's a joke.

S. Ü. said...

What a good taste he had! And what a wonderful life he must have lived!

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles are not child molesters. This guy may have had a mental condition, but he's being a human about it and, like most pedophiles, keeping it to himself. We live in a world where we'll break into a pedophile's home, seize his hidden pornography and wonder what kind of sick animal he was to be born that way. So sad.

Anonymous said...

He also had pictures of girls too. He loved childhood. He had tons of pictures and books on every subject, particularly medical books and anatomy. He had tons on books on Disney. He kept old diapers from his nieces and nephews for keepsakes. Everyone is different.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

Anonymous said...

he was a great person i grow up with his music in the 70's and still play his music today so i think he didnt do any thing like that ....

Anonymous said...

I think it's all rubbish he never did these things and it was all to do with money

Anonymous said...

I think you r all sad idiots just let him rip ok and stop talking carp it was all a money grabbing scandal he's innocent in my eyes and never did one thing wrong so y don't you all grow up

Anonymous said...

"I'm not suggesting you should instantly suspect or brand anybody a pedophile who did have such material. But Michael Jackson was clearly obsessed with young boys"

well, seems to me you've just contradicted yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. The christians & their judgment of what they consider sun, what about art? Maybe all should be considered, let he who is without sun cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

1980s, Thriller era, rumors were riff that Michael was a gay. He actually did a press conference to quell the rumors (most straight men say have their bitches deny the charges, but he did not have that option).

In the 1980s, being gay was a crime to most.

So lets flash forward to the more accepting 90s.

By then Michael looked, well, like a woman.
Had he come out his female fans would have deserted him and the gay community, which is not very supportive of feminine transgender role models, would equally be distant to him.

He'd have nobody.

He'd still sell tickets to the 35+ audience, as most are more tolerant by that stage, but the under 30s? The teens? He'd be finished.

MJ had no choice but to stay in his bi-sexual closet (I do believe he had SOME interest in women.)

Also being gay would rule out sleep overs.

If you are a gay man, you cannot get away with having pretty white boys holding your hands at premieres and sleeping in your bed room.

I think this also played into his decision to never "out" himself.

I actually think that MJ between 18-24 may have been gay (and there are the rumors) and the forced denial, well, scared him "straight" for a while.

He certainly beefed up the masculine behavior after that.

Watch the making of Thriller, your gaydar will go off.

MJ 90s? I think he took some training in how to appear more macho. His dance moves also exhibited a more forceful, masculine presence.

At the 2005 trial, item 13 of the "denied" items of inclusion was the discovery of four mens semen stains on his matress and also a keep-safe found in the arcade storage room of a hotel bedsheet with a man's semen stains.

Tom Messareu fought hard to have this "incendiary" evidence disallowed, and won.

I don't think MJ would have survived had he been outed in that moment, particularly if they were able to identify who these men were.

No, MJ, in death as in life, can never be "outed", his sexuality must stay as either straight, or "asexual", as being gay is certainly a good way to kill sales.

I've thought of this too, the fact that gay men are generally seen as "prettier" and lesbian women as "uglier".

I think that persons who see themselves as beautiful/sexy, etc, want that viewpoint to be reinforced by a dominant figure (a man) touching, caressing, and even penetrating them. They want to be put on a pedestal, to be adored. They don't want to "do the work" all the time.

Anonymous said...

So pretty men have a longing for men as women don't generally provide this service. Women expect to be the object of affection, put on the pedestal, and worshipped.

Manly men lack beauty, they therefore wish to possess it, and they idolize the beauty of a woman, wanting to hold and dominate it.

Manly women (ie lesbians) seek out women for the same reasons.

There are exceptions to the this, but this is a general reason for homosexuality.

There's no proof that he was bisexual (except for the straight porn he ONLY started collecting after police began raiding him) but there's lots of proof he was gay:

1) he exposed the dark spot under his private parts to jordy Chandler as proven by sneddon's declaration under oath and further confirmed by the new Tom Messereau endorsed bio which states that Jordy was correct about the markings on MJ's privates.

2) his bed was marinated in the semen of multiple males (unknown age). No female fluids were found.

3) police found a fully naked photograph of a naked boy in his bedroom (believed to be Jonathan spence)

4) police found a photograph of another boy with bikini briefs partly pulled down in his bedroom

5) The "ART books" he kept in his bedroom (not in his massive library) depicted full naked frontal nudity of boys in disgusting provocative posse.

So stop saying there's no proof. There's lots and lots and lots of proof, not to mention he looks, sounds, and dressed gay, worshipped gay icons (Liz Taylor), and never had a hetero relationship until the police started raiding him, at which point he started a hetero porn collection and married Lisa Marie.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you guys nothing better to do than throwing mud to an allready death person.

Be happy you were born hetero.
And stay afraid for gays and bi-'s like me (born that way too)
Supposing I would be interested to explore your...
Be greatefull you were not born a pedo.... where would you find love and shelter.

E C 1990 said...

What could the makers of this site possibly gain from lying to us about a long dead celebrity? I can't see what reasonthey might have to degrade mj. All the same we shouldn' assume that he was a pedifile, even if that is how they represented him.

Vindicate Michael Jackson said...

Anonymous said...

To the writer and all involved in this entity:

I have never seen such a horrible way in turning the truth. Your strategy is actually remarkable.

Your little essay here has the right facts in it, but you confuse the reader with your obnoxious opinion. By saying a simple fact the way you say it, clearly points out that you have no integrity in your journalistic traits, you are by far worse than TMZ and other similar tabloids...

You Sir(Barely...) are nothing more than scum that can only be made by an evil entity, Your report did not even once state a positive statement about the subject, which proves that you are twisting the truth...

So let me explain why Michael had these books.

I hope you are aware that Jackson had a Library in his ranch? Last time I was at the Library i also noted these books, they are very basic books to be in libraries, they are high literature, something you don't know. The Pornographic books are human nature so they have not be discussed, as sexual traits are only human, with someone like Jackson, who could not just take any wife he wanted, these material was probably an outlet... Unfortunately for you, this idea was not meant for you to exploit on your petty website... In fact, please tell your readers, tough guy, HOW BIG IS YOUR PORN BOOK COLLECTION? I bought a porn book once, it was a female porn book, but for some reason there were men in it too, its just something you don't even look at...

How would you like it if everyone made up their minds about you in the blink of an eye? One day you are the king, the next day you are garbage 50% of your fans suddenly hate, left for dead in the desolate lands that is your depressive sub-conscious mind, to make it worse, you can't sleep at night, you can't leave your home... I have never seen a horror or thriller at a cinema that gives me chills like that...

But to get back, you should rethink your strategy in life, because like Michael, evil entities are lurking around you, waiting for you to make a move that can be perceived in different ways, ways that will confuse millions and turn their mindset to evil...

I am utterly disgusted at this website, and your depiction of Jackson is misleading, lets see how you look at 50 years old, send me the picture so I can photoshop it into something that will scare the bejesus out of the creator of the Saw Series...

If you want to say something to me, do it here ->

I hope your server explodes after you read this.

Anonymous said...

what rubbish this blog is run by mj haters its all lies. Not the real vindicating MICHAEL. If nude photos ect were found they would of brought them to court,sneddon brought in deranged family instead.