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Did Michael Jackson fit the profile of a pedophile?

Well let's find out shall we?

When people think of a pedophile, they have the image of a creepy looking old man wearing a rain jacket who hides in bushes outside of schools ready to kidnap children and do terrible things to them. While there are pedophiles, who hide in bushes and kidnap children the truth is 99% of them don't. Most pedophiles are normal looking and can be of any age and any gender. Pedophiles put on a fake front and present themselves to be kind and loving people who would never harm a child (this is how they usually gain access to children). Most pedophiles even go to great lengths to convince themselves that they are not bad people and are not harming children.

Below we look at some of the key characteristics that pedophiles often fit.

Characteristics of a Pedophile :

Pedophiles always appear to be nice guys who are trustworthy and respectable and have a good standing in their community.
Pedophiles can be any age and gender but are usually males and are over the age of 30.

Pedophiles are usually single with little or no sexual relationships with the opposite sex.

If a pedophile is married it is usually more "companion" based with no sexual relations.

Pedophiles usually have an excessive interest in children:

How much interest is excessive? If an adult has an excessive interest in other people's children and wants to be around them a lot this should raise suspicion. This is not by itself proof that somebody is a pedophile, but it is a good reason to be suspicious and this becomes even more significant when combined with other characteristics found here.

Pedophiles like child-like activities:

Pedophiles are often fascinated with children and childlike activities and appear to prefer those activities over adult orientated ones.

Pedophiles will often referred to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptives like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated.

Pedophiles often have hobbies that are childlike, such as collecting and playing with toys, keeping pets, and building model planes or boats, etc.

Pedophiles often prefer children close to puberty:

While pedophiles can target children of any age. Most of them prefer children close to puberty (approximately 11 to 14 age bracket) this is usually because children of that age are more developed and are curious about sex.

Pedophiles work around children:

One of the easiest ways for pedophiles to gain access to children is to be employed in a position that involves regular if not daily contact with them. If not employed pedophiles will put themselves in a position to do volunteer work with children. Other ways pedophile's gain access to children is to create a child friendly home and fill it with items that appeal to the age of child they are looking to abuse.

Pedophiles have child friendly homes:

Even if the pedophile has no children, his/her home will be child friendly with toys, books, video game consoles, personal computers, bikes, skateboards, a recreational room, pool and snooker tables -- basically things that will attract and appeal to the age of the child that the pedophile is looking to target. The homes of some pedophiles have been described as shrines to children or as miniature amusement parks.

Pedophiles often target, single parents or children from dysfunctional families:

Pedophiles often seek out children who are from a single-parent home, dysfunctional family or underprivileged home. The pedophile then showers both the parent and the child they are looking to abuse with attention, money, gifts so they can gain both the trust of the parent and the child.

Pedophiles are master manipulators:
One of the hardest jobs for the pedophile is to convince the parent or parents of the child they are looking to abuse to trust them, and leave them in a position where they can spend excessive unsupervised time alone with their child. Pedophiles are master manipulators and can easily manipulate most parents into believing they are the kindest and most loving person on this planet and would never harm a child. This is done, (as mentioned above), by helping out with chores, attention, money, gifts etc. Once this has been achieved the pedophile will then unleash his/hers manipulative skills on the child they are looking to abuse.

Pedophiles receive sexual gratification in a number of ways:

Many people believe that all pedophiles go on to physically molest children. This is not true, somebody who possesses or distributes indecent images of children never physically molest a child. But what they are doing is wrong and against the law and by itself is still abusing children. I'm sure we've all heard how pedophiles like to hang around school playgrounds or anywhere where children can be found. Pedophiles have even been known to buy properties that overlook schools. The truth is, pedophiles can get sexual gratification from just looking or being around children. But some require more contact. Not all pedophiles are child molesters, and not all child molesters are pedophiles.


I think you'll all agree that Michael Jackson definitely did display certain characteristics of a pedophile. You also have to take into account that Michael Jackson had been accused of molesting children a couple of times. Does that mean he was a pedophile/molester? No of course not, but Michael Jackson displaying or fitting some of the key characteristics does add more credibility to the accusations made against him. And profiles of pedophiles/child molesters were not made for fun, and the characteristics cannot be ignored. If somebody does fit the profile it should raise suspicion about that person. It doesn't necessarily mean they are one, but it means, they might be one when added with other key pieces of evidence. I'm sure you've heard the saying -- "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck -- then it is probably a duck."

For more information on pedophiles/child molesters and how to protect your children - visit the following links.

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Roderigo said...

I know nobody particularly wants to read about these things, but I found the former FBI employee Kenneth V. Lanning webpage very interesting. I think everybody especially parents should be reading this website. It'll give you tips on how to spot potential child molesters and how to protect your children from them.